June 6

Your Home NOT Selling – Is Your Real Estate Agent Doing Enough to get it Sold?


One of the most frustrating issues for home sellers is their home not selling.

When a home is listed for sale with a real estate agent, but doesn’t sell, it’s considered an expired listing.

As a homeowner, understandably you’re upset and frustrated.

Everything in your life is on hold, until you sell your home.

Before your put your home on the market again, you will want to find out why your home did not sell and what can be done about it.

Marketing is the process of exposing your home to prospects who are ready, willing and financially able to buy your home.

You now need to analyze the effectiveness of your past real estate agents marketing.

There are realtors, like the Rick Kendrick Team who gave you this video, who have undergone extensive training in both lead generation and follow up and use unique marketing tools that guarantee to sell homes fast and for top dollar.

You need to ask yourself, is putting a sign on your lawn and putting your house on the MLS all your previous agent did to sell your home?

This computer system that all realtors in our area subscribe to is used by real estate agents to get information on what houses are for sale on the market, have sold, expired, etc.

How did the agent promote your home?

Did they use 24 Hour Talking Ads that promote a home to buyers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Instead of speaking with a salesperson, the potential buyer hears information on homes, just like yours, over the phone in an easy nonthreatening way.

And if they’re interested in seeing a home, the buyer can contact the agent immediately while still on the line.

The Rick Kendrick Team is here to help you, and remember, it’s a team effort.

Thank you and we wish you success in the sale of your home.


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