June 6

How to Price Your Home Correctly to Sell for Top Dollar in Your Time Frame


You’ll want to price your house to reflect its value in comparison to the other homes in its price range.

These are the homes that buyers will be comparing to yours by knowing how other homes in your neighborhood are priced.

You’ll be in an advantage by being able to strategically price your home to attract the most amount of buyers in the shortest amount of time.

This can all be done by doing a Competitive Market Analysis or CMA.

This computerized report will outline at what price homes most similar to yours have sold, as well as how many are on the market in your area.

Knowing what price buyers are willing to pay is very important.

When pricing your home, this analysis report also highlights homes that have not yet been sold and homes that have just been listed.

This information will give you an idea of what price your home will be expected to sell.

If your home is priced above its market value, it may end up on the market for longer than necessary and any real interest will soon trail off.

Your home may be perceived as a stale listing or poor value for the money.

Often sellers will have to under price their home to offset the time its been on the market in order to regenerate interest.

In fact, over pricing often makes other homes in the same price bracket perceived as having better value than your home.

Remember a reduced-price listing doesn’t usually generate the same excitement as a home just listed.

The Rick Kendrick Team can provide you with a computerized printout of what homes in your neighborhood have sold for and together you can establish the correct asking price.

To get more great information about pricing visit their website.

On the website you can request a free online home evaluation, where you’ll receive information on actual home sales in your neighborhood, along with 162 tips, facts and questions about selling and buying real estate.

All this information is free and there is no obligation at any time.

All the best in the selling of your home.


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