September 17

Radio Show Episode #12 10 Secrets Every New Home Buyer Should Know

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Welcome to another captivating episode of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Real Estate Talk & News Radio Podcast Show! In this episode, your host Rick Kendrick is joined by Karey Kendrick.Are you ready to embark on the exciting journey of buying a brand-new construction home without breaking the bank? Join us in this episode as we unveil the ultimate blueprint to save big on your dream home! From insider tips on negotiating with builders to clever financing strategies, we’ve got the secrets you need to build your future while preserving your wallet.

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Hosts of Episode #12

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Rick Kendrick

Listen in to this week’s episode where Rick and Karey discuss the latest market statistics for the South Florida real estate market. Additionally they provide listeners key tips to sell for more money. Rick is a Palm Beach Real Estate agent who hosts his own weekly radio talk show and podcast on a wide variety of real estate topics.

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Karey Kendrick

Meet Karey Kendrick, your expert co-host for all things real estate on our podcast! With an impressive career spanning over 25 years, Karey is a seasoned and accomplished real estate broker. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry make her the go-to authority for all matters related to buying, selling, and investing in properties.

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When shopping for your home, you’ll discover that most homes on the market are resales. Yet, one out of four homebuyers purchases a new home. Both new homes and resales offer advantages. Before you make a decision, let’s . . .

Compare These Points!

New Homes

  • offer innovative use of space and style
  • greater energy efficiency
  • a choice of options and upgrades
  • everything is new, and modern.

Existing Homes

  • on the average they are less expensive
  • often they are in established neighborhoods with mature landscaping
  • homes have already settled, eliminating possible problems that arise from this happening after the purchase of home

As you can see, there are advantages to both. Most people consider both new and existing homes before they decide to purchase. Should you be thinking about buying a new house, here are 10 points to consider before you visit your first model home.

  • Understanding Your Budget: Learn how to establish a realistic budget and stick to it, ensuring you don’t overextend yourself financially.
  • Mortgage Mastery: Discover the ins and outs of mortgage options, interest rates, and how to secure the best deal.
  • Location Matters: Explore the impact of location on home prices and find hidden gems that won’t break the bank.
  • Home Inspections: Uncover the importance of thorough home inspections and how they can save you money in the long run.
  • Negotiation Strategies: Master the art of negotiation to get the best price and terms for your new home.
  • First-Time Buyer Programs: Learn about government programs and incentives designed to help first-time homebuyers save.
  • DIY vs. Hiring Professionals: Understand when it’s worth it to roll up your sleeves and when it’s better to hire experts.
  • Hidden Costs: Identify and prepare for the often-overlooked costs associated with buying a home.
  • Energy Efficiency: Explore how making eco-friendly choices can lead to substantial long-term savings.
  • Future-Proofing: Get insights into future-proofing your home investment to ensure it remains valuable for years to come.

Rick Kendrick Receive Multiple Cash offers on your home

Transcript of Episode #12

Dave Sturgeon: 0:00

Welcome to the your Home Sold Guaranteed Radio Show, where you get advice you can trust, from the latest real estate trends to the best mortgage rates, from curb appeal to home warranty. This is the show that will help you save and make the most money when it comes to buying or selling your most valuable asset. Now here’s your host, broker and founder of your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty of Florida, rick Kendrick.

Rick Kendrick: 0:23

Good morning everybody. It’s a big Sunday morning for Kendrick your Home Sold Guaranteed Radio Show. Here we are again on a bright and sunny Sunday morning at 10 am. We welcome all our listeners out there looking forward to bringing you some great information. What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna talk about pretty good subject today. I think you’re gonna be excited about this one because a lot of people are really thinking about moving up or doing something different. They’ve lived in their house for a while and they wanted either sell their place and get a new place or go ahead buy a new house. So what we’re gonna do today is that we’re gonna talk about the 10 ways to save money when buying a new home Not a resale, but a new home. Palm Beach County’s got a lot of building going on. Where a lot of the new builds are going is in the Port St Lucie area for Pierce area A lot of value up there in those areas. But before we get into that, carrie and I wanted to kind of go over some numbers and kind of give you an update of what’s happening on the market. So just to let you know, every week we get together with a network of agents all across the United States and we talk about the market conditions and what they’re doing. I tell you, listeners, you gotta be pleased where you live today, because when I hear about the numbers and how sales are going across the United States and then we compare our numbers, our numbers are a little soft, grant you, but there’s nothing comparable to what’s happening in areas of New York, oklahoma, texas, california. These areas are suffering a little bit Now. When I say our numbers are soft on a comparable basis from last year, yeah, they are. So, carrie, just kind of just highlight some numbers that just kind of bring everybody to focus here.

Karey Kendrick: 2:10

Our monthly, or our inventory rather is still hovering in that three to four month range. Okay, our sales are down from last year, roughly 16%, which is keeping our prices elevated. So we’re not seeing that decrease in property values that some of the other areas in the nation are experiencing.

Rick Kendrick: 2:29

When inventories are in that 2.8 to 3.5 month range, it’s still at a market where there’s a demand. Is that right, Carrie?

Karey Kendrick: 2:38

Oh, absolutely. And for the buyers that we’re working with that are thinking of moving up to the Port St Lucie area, for instance, and they’re in that 350 to $400,000 price range, there are multiple offers. Still very hard to find them homes.

Rick Kendrick: 2:52

So I say to you is this sellers, if you really are thinking about maybe making a move, moving up or downsizing, I’m telling you, with the season coming upon us right now, this is a great opportunity. So if you are thinking about doing something, really, what you ought to do is give me a quick call at 561-901-3333, and I’ll come out and give you a quick market evaluation. I’ll sit down with you and kind of go over all your close calls. It may not be the right time for you based on the numbers that we put out, but it maybe will be a good time. So, carrie, what else we got?

Karey Kendrick: 3:24

So, as far as Palm Beach County is concerned, the average sales price is just under 700,000, which is roughly a 4 to 5% increase over this time last year, and the median sales price is 460, which is up 7% over August of last year. So again, the lack of inventory is keeping our prices from experiencing any drop.

Rick Kendrick: 3:46

Do you hear that, listeners? You’re living in an area that is showing appreciation every day. Last year, medium sale price was 429. This year it’s 460. Kind of just let that sink in. You are building equity every day. If you’re a buyer, okay, and you haven’t bought a house yet, this should tell you something. There’s a pattern ongoing every year Medium household prices continually to go up in our area. Now I don’t know about New York, I don’t know about Oklahoma, I don’t know about Texas, other than the fact what my fellow members out there that are in the real estate business across the United States. They’re not saying the same thing we’re saying. They’re saying different numbers here. So what else we got, Carrie?

Karey Kendrick: 4:31

So if you’re thinking that the market is perhaps a little bit still out of range for you, if you’re a buyer listening, poor St Lucie Rick, you’ve been moving a lot of buyers up to poor St Lucie. Their median sales price is 383. So there are still affordable homes out there.

Rick Kendrick: 4:46

If you are considering a move, Hence, this is what we’re talking about, because they’re doing a lot of new building up there and builders are offering some excellent financing available to you, so we’re gonna get into that topic here later on. So what we’re gonna do right now Carrie, you got any other numbers you wanna talk about that may help people out here.

Karey Kendrick: 5:05

No, I’d say just generally speaking again, the Southeast Florida market okay, and when I say Southeast Florida market I’m talking about Palm Beach, martin, st Lucie and Broward County. Across the board, the number of homes that have sold year to date are down okay, and some instances in the Broward County sales are down 24%. So we’re still experiencing this lack of inventory coming off of COVID and it’s still affecting the property values in our region. So that’s why we have not seen any decrease in our values and home sellers are still able, if they’re considering a move, to cash out on that rapid appreciation that we’ve been able to enjoy over the past several years.

Rick Kendrick: 5:45

So stay with us for the Stix segment. We’re going to get into the main topic today 10 ways to save money when you’re buying a new home. This is Rick Kendrick. With your home sold, guaranteed radio, we’ll be right back.

Dave Sturgeon: 5:56

The schedule and appointment with Rick Kendrick to help you buy or sell your home. Call 561-901-3333 or go to rickhasthebuyerscom. Rick will be right back with more of the your Home Sold. Guaranteed Radio Show here on News Talk 850 WFTL.

Jennifer Ross, Radio Personality and Host: 6:16

You’re trying to sell your home, you don’t know what real estate agent to use. Let me solve the problem. Call my friend, rick Kendrick, from your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty of Florida. Hi, it’s Jennifer. Rick gets home sellers 5% more than the average agent. So on a $500,000 home, that’s an extra $25,000 in your pocket. Joan needed to sell her Port St Lucie home. She heard about Rick right here on this radio station and she heard from a friend who recommended him. After meeting Joan, rick developed a highly effective marketing strategy, custom built just for Joan’s situation, and the results were amazing. Within four days, the property generated tremendous interest, leading to a bidding war that resulted in an offer that was $10,000 over the asking price. Joan’s decision to take the advice of trusted friends and hire Rick for his marketing expertise not only accelerated the sale, but also secured her a substantial profit. Schedule your appointment today 561-901-3333, or visit RickHasTheBuyerscom.

Eric Rosemary, CrossCountry Mortgage: 7:13

Hi, I’m Eric Rosemary, branch manager at Cross Country Mortgage in Boca Raton. If you’re deciding which lender to trust, whether you’re purchasing or refinancing, I would love the opportunity to work with you. Over my 20-year career, I’ve helped close to 10,000 families buy or refinance the place they call home. Despite what you’re hearing about interest rates, you might be surprised, as what we can do for you, let’s talk, call or text me at 954-312-3104 or visit rosemarymortgageteamcom.

Dave Sturgeon: 7:43

If you’re ready to buy or sell your home and would like to schedule an appointment with Rick, call 561-901-3333 or go to rickhasthebuyerscom. Now back to the your home sold guaranteed radio show and your host, rick Kendrick.

Rick Kendrick: 7:58

Welcome back everybody here. We’re going to get into our main topic. You know, kerry, what I really really love about our situation and our market is that there is a sense of stability here, but there is showing positive, and this is probably the most important investment in your life. Anyway, let’s get to the main topic 10 ways to save you money when you’re buying a new home. Let’s start off with number one. When you’re dealing with a new builder, when you go in and you’re looking at buying a new home, you’re driving down the road. You see this big sign. Come on in and see our model. Once you go in there, you’re going in there relying on what one agent is saying and what one builder is doing. I think there’s some things that you need to review here when you’re looking at a new build, and also the credentials of the builder has a lot to do with it. So, kerry, just somebody who’s looking to do a new build, what would you think would be probably top on the list of things to do?

Karey Kendrick: 8:47

Well, I’d say, first off, you need to get in touch with a real estate agent. Ok, and the reason that I’m saying that is because you’re going to want to have a very clear picture as to what the likely proceeds from the sale of your home will be at the end, so that you’ll know how much money you’re going to have left over to put into your new build.

Rick Kendrick: 9:03

Traditionally speaking, new builders do not do contingencies, so you really have to sell your house or have your house under contract and sold by the time your new build comes into play. Is that right, kerry?

Karey Kendrick: 9:13

Yes, it is.

Rick Kendrick: 9:14

So doing a new build has some constraints, but a new build gives you everything fresh on the table. I look at it from the standpoint you need representation through this process.

Karey Kendrick: 9:25

Yeah, and that’s number two on our list, right? Is that the sales agent in the model home is actually representing the builder, right? So it’s not a bad idea for you to have representation on your side. In most cases, the cost of a buyer’s agent is nothing to you because the builders are actually cooperating with real estate agents, because they’re encouraging them to bring them buyers for their homes.

Rick Kendrick: 9:46

So if you were to go out and buy a house today, you’re going to be dealing with a listing agent, right? And that listing agent is kind of representing the seller. So you, as a buyer, need representation. There are a lot more things that we can help you with in the aspect of having representation when you’re buying a place, because, honestly, builders will just go ahead and spit out a price and you will say to yourself, well, that’s what I want, I’ll go ahead and sign the contract. The contract is like any other legal document You’re obligated to it, so you want to be able to have representation. Having a licensed real estate agent is pretty important here, right, carrie?

Karey Kendrick: 10:24

Absolutely. And the thing is is that if you’re working with an agent who is experienced in new construction because it is a niche that requires specialization, right so an agent who’s familiar with the builders in the marketplace is going to know the general price range of all the various communities. They’re going to know what incentives that they might be offering and builders are constantly offering incentives, right Whether that’s in the form of closing cost credit, reduced interest rates, upgrades and other incentives. So a knowledgeable real estate agent is going to be able to sit down with you, listen to what it is that you’re planning on purchasing, and then points you in the right direction and introduce you to several builders, so that way, you can have a choice, rather than just walking into a new home center and then just being, you know, stuck with that one builder.

Rick Kendrick: 11:10

That’s what we do. You want to do your research and study about the builders. We do that. Okay, we’ll do a lot of your homework for you and giving you information about certain builders that are good, certain builders that may have problems, certain builders that finish on time, certain builders that don’t finish on time. These are all things that you need to know about. Remember, when you sign a contract, it’s pretty much in a situation that’s advantaged by a builder as opposed to buyer, so you want to be able to read all the details of the contract and we can help you out and explain those details to you if you have proper representation, and that means a buyer’s agent to represent you through this process. So, kerry, getting facts on the builders is that something that you think is probably high on the list too?

Karey Kendrick: 11:55

Absolutely like you just mentioned. So getting the facts about your builder, okay, before you end up making a final decision, is wise, right? Okay, so you want to know, like, the reputation of them and also the financial strength of the builder, and then also like, are they known for completing their projects on time? All right, there is some issues that can come up with the timing and the length that it takes them to finish the building.

Rick Kendrick: 12:19

Also, here’s a little secret that I’m going to tell you in advance that we all know as agents well, not all agents, but we as agents do is that you know, sometimes they incorporate in the contract some type of inflation cost factor. All right, so you may be priced at a house and sign a contract at that time, but because of shortage materials, maybe the prices have gone up on an increased value. Because of demand of those materials, you may have automatically have increased the price of your property without even knowing it right off the bat. So these are the things that you got to watch out for. You just got to be aware of what’s happening. That’s what we do. We are able to help you out, represent you in this aspect of it, the thing to carry that whatever I’ve noticed. You know a builder will come to you and they’ll say okay, the price of this house is $430,000. Now, kerry, can we negotiate that price?

Karey Kendrick: 13:19

Yes, you can absolutely negotiate the price of the builder, and most folks don’t realize that, right, it can be difficult to do because they would like to keep the price of the homes consistent, all right. But there are obviously options, okay, that come into play whenever you’re building a new home, all right. And also the upgrades that you need to consider, right. So, if you’re asking for above builder standards, such as, you know, a higher class of flooring, or maybe you’re concerned about the kitchen fixtures or you would like updated appliances, so these are things that working with an agent will help you to take advantage of any builder incentives that might be available to you.

Rick Kendrick: 13:58

Here’s what we’re saying. Be sure that you know what’s in the contract. Okay, we want to work it to your advantage. We want to make sure certain things are to your advantage Place in your deposit in escrow, making sure that’s in a secure place, but also have that availability. For some reason, if something happens, you might be able to get that back Not saying always you will, but sometimes you might be able to negotiate that. Detailing the upgrades, upgrades can be very costly. You get very excited about a new home, right? You want that type of tile on the floor, or you want some high impact windows, or you’re looking for some lighting, maybe you want a big, open kitchen. These are all things that are negotiable, but they are costly, right, carrie.

Karey Kendrick: 14:42

Yes, and it’s going to depend too on if you have a desire to purchase a new home and like a master plan community versus. Let’s say, you have some land out in Loxahatchee and you’re interested in building a custom home. So we also know of various home builders in the area for all these various scenarios.

Rick Kendrick: 15:01

So, carrie, you know, a lot of times the builders take a long time to build a house right For sure and it becomes a situation where sometimes it doesn’t meet the buyers’ timetable. And also the big thing is they qualified in the beginning for the home and an interest rate started going up and now they don’t qualify. What does that tell us?

Karey Kendrick: 15:23

Yeah, so unfortunately that is a byproduct of the increase in interest rates, right? A lot of these home buyers who were under contract to purchase these homes may have went under contract nine, 10, 11, 12 months ago when the interest rates were much lower. So now we’re actually because Rick has relationships with a lot of these home builders in our area they’re reaching out to him and they’re saying Rick, listen, I had a buyer for this home. We were set to close in three weeks, but now they don’t qualify because the rates went up. You don’t happen to know of a buyer who might be interested in moving in and closing on this new home.

Rick Kendrick: 15:57

So there’s an opportunity, there are new homes on inventory. In fact, the one that we see quite often is a situation where it goes over a year and interest rates in the last year have probably jumped up three points since then. Is that right, carrie?

Karey Kendrick: 16:12

Yes, for sure. And then also another thing I just wanted to bring up is sometimes people ask us whether or not they need to hire a home inspector once the builder finishes the project, and Rick and I both would agree that that probably is not a bad idea, because they’re actually going to go through the home, all right, and they know what they’re looking for and they can help you create that punch list so that you can make sure that any final last-minute items are taken care of before you close.

Rick Kendrick: 16:37

So getting a home inspector even though it’s a brand new home, I guarantee you they’ll always help you out and point out things that need to be done. Builders sometimes will not be able to see everything that they’re looking at. They do have a punch list, but having a home inspector really helps you out. Listen, there’s nothing bad about builders. Okay, there are good builders out there and they all have a certain standard that they have to meet because, remember, when they are building a house, they have permits that they have to pull, they have certain standards, they’re inspected all the way through the process and they do not want to get a bad reputation. So, builders there are some great builders out there and I get excited when I see a new house going up and people really buyers, our buyers really get excited about getting into a new home because they’ve always wanted that. I know, I guess a couple months ago, canisha remember Canisha? Canisha, we sold her a house five years ago and then, I guess six months ago, she sold her house and kind of doubled on it and then she moved up to Port St Louis and bought a beautiful three bedroom, two bath house just under $400,000.

Karey Kendrick: 17:40

And it was brand new. She bought a brand new home, never lived in. The builder had just finished it.

Rick Kendrick: 17:45

And this builder finished on time. So there are new homes out there ready to go. And here’s the big thing, kerry. As you well know, builders do offer some type of special financing right.

Karey Kendrick: 17:56

Absolutely. The financing incentives that builders offer can be very advantageous. I mean, now we’re having interest rates that are hovering between that seven range. So just this past week we’ve received emails on a regular basis from home builders reaching out to the real estate agent community letting us know about the incentives that they’re offering. So now they’re offering a lot of really great interest rate programs. Some of them were below 5%, so you do have some advantages there if you are thinking about buying a new home and being able to take advantage of a potentially really great interest rate.

Rick Kendrick: 18:27

Now this is where we come into play. Your home’s sold. Guaranteed realty will guarantee a sale for you. Okay, let’s say you’re building a new house and you’re going to be finished in three months or four months from now. What we’ll do? If we can work out the price, terms and conditions by the time that house is ready to go, we’ll either buy it or sell it. Is that right, Carrie?

Karey Kendrick: 18:51

Yes for sure. Like Rick mentioned earlier, a lot of the builders won’t accept a contract that is contingent on you selling your home. So this program that we offer sort of helps you in that scenario.

Rick Kendrick: 19:02

So the thing is, sellers, if you are thinking about moving up and buying a new home, we have that opportunity for you where we’re able to do that for you. If we can agree upon the price and the terms and the time period that that new home is going to be in, we’ll buy it for cash if we don’t sell it before then. So if you want me to come out talk to you more about this program or come out and give you a free market evaluation, my name is Rick Kendrick. I’m with your home’s sold guaranteed realty and this is the Rick Kendrick radio show on 850 WFTL News Talk Radio.

Dave Sturgeon: 19:33

The schedule and appointment with Rick Kendrick to help you buy or sell your home. Call 561-901-3333 or go to rickhasthebuyerscom. Rick will be right back with more of the your home’s sold. Guaranteed radio show here on News Talk 850 WFTL.

Jennifer Ross, Radio Personality and Host: 19:54

Hi, it’s Jennifer Ross and you know if you’ve been thinking about selling your home, you already know that the only agent that I would recommend to you is my friend, Rick Kendrick. He’s a broker and founder of your home’s sold guaranteed realty of Florida. Now what about the listener who would love Rick to sell but doesn’t want to deal with the headaches of cleaning, staging, holding open houses and all that other stuff?

Rick Kendrick: 20:13

Well, jen, we have the perfect solution. First of all, we always like to make our traditional home selling process stress-free. But for the listener who doesn’t want to fix up their place, who is inherited a home or simply wants a fast, hassle-free sale, we can make them an immediate cash offer and for that seller to get the most amount of money for their home.

Jennifer Ross, Radio Personality and Host: 20:31

Come on, you can do that.

Rick Kendrick: 20:32

Absolutely, jen. We’ll come right over, praise a home, make you a fast, fair cash offer and close as little as three weeks Cash in your hand.

Jennifer Ross, Radio Personality and Host: 20:41

hard to beat it. Call Rick Kendrick right now 561-901333. Or visit rickhasthebuyerscom.

Eric Rosemary, CrossCountry Mortgage: 20:52

Hi, I’m Eric Rosemary, branch manager at Cross Country Mortgage in Boca Raton. If you’re deciding which lender to trust, whether you’re purchasing or refinancing, I would love the opportunity to work with you. Over my 20 year career, I’ve helped close to 10,000 families buy or refinance the place they call home. Despite what you’re hearing about interest rates, you might be surprised, as what we can do for you, let’s talk, call or text me at 954-312-3104 or visit rosemarymortgageteamcom.

Dave Sturgeon: 21:21

If you’re ready to buy or sell your home and would like to schedule an appointment with Rick, call 561-901-3333 or go to rickhasthebuyerscom. Now back to the your home sold guaranteed radio show and your host, Rick Kendrick.

Rick Kendrick: 21:36

Okay, folks, welcome back to our final segment of the show. We’re going to be highlighting our listings and our buyers and waiting. I just want to say this we have two solid buyers that have been looking for our house and actually have made offers on homes and there’s been multiple offers on them that are ready to go. The first one is looking in Port St Lucie. They’re in that price range of four to 450. In fact, they just sold their house, so they have cash in hand and they’re ready to move in today. So if you’re thinking about doing something, let me know. Also, we have another buyer who is right here in West Palm Beach looking in the green acres area 350 to 450 range, ready to go, been pre-approved, can go and move and make an offer on it right away. So if you’re thinking about maybe putting your place on the market or you just want to know what the value of your place is, give me a call 561-901-3333. That’s 561-901-3333 or rickhasthebuyerscom. So those two buyers I mean we do have plenty of the buyers in our database. We have about 20,000 ready to go, looking for something as far as a home is concerned. Now our listings right now we have two major listings that I want to talk to you about, and the reason why is because we had three that went on a contract last week, so our emittories are going down as far as our listings are concerned. So both of these are in the North Palm Beach area. So we have the three bedroom, three bath condo. It has access, boat access, has access to the interlet. It’s 2,400 square feet, three bedroom, three bath, first floor unit overlook and a pool, 1.1. It is a beautiful condo, has plenty of space, makes you feel like you’re at home on the first floor. The other one that we have is courses in is in North Palm Beach too. It’s a two bedroom, two bath condo looking directly east at Singer Island. The price on it is $530,000. Beautiful view. You can see the sunrise come up each morning. It has a lot to offer. So, kerry, why don’t you tell us about our Go Serve Big Mission?

Karey Kendrick: 23:47

Okay, so where can I donate a portion of the proceeds from our home sales to local charities in our area? So two of the ones that we most often support and mention here on the show is the Law Enforcement Assistance Foundation, Leaf and also Little Smiles. So both of these organizations are pretty well known in our area and do great work.

Rick Kendrick: 24:07

Yeah, they’ve been very strong. We’ve been supporting Little Smiles for five, six years now. It’s really a great organization and we feel like helping the kids out who are bedridden in hospitals and giving them some type of support helps them out.

Karey Kendrick: 24:21

So yeah, so the great thing about Little Smiles is that they go in to hospitals and they do fun things for the kids, like pizza parties. They also donate toys to emergency rooms. They even sponsor movie nights and that type of thing. Also, they have like celebrity meet and greets and concerts and fun stuff for the kids. So that’s a great one that we love to support. All right, in the Law Enforcement Assistance Foundation they’re providing financial assistance to officers who have been seriously injured in the line of duty and who have suffered some sort of catastrophic event and need financial assistance. Their foundation does really great work for our law enforcement who need our support.

Rick Kendrick: 25:00

So, folks, I’m glad we got together today and talked a little bit about new builds, which normally we do not talk about, and being able to have the opportunity to build a brand new home. You still have an affordability in the Palm Beach and Port St Lucie area.

Karey Kendrick: 25:14

Yeah. So if you’re thinking of this, you know, should I buy a resale or should I buy a new home and it’s something that’s sort of been in the back of your mind and it’s something that you’re interested in exploring Again. I would encourage you to reach out to Rick, okay, and then have him just stop by your place. He can take a tour right. You can go over all the improvements and what not that you’ve done over the years and he can give you like a really good estimate as to what you would likely receive at closing and how much money you’re going to have left over to put into your new home. And then also, because he is has such great relationships with the builders in our area, he’s familiar with their models right, their floor plans, the square footage, the amenities that the various communities have and also their price ranges.

Rick Kendrick: 25:54

And to big dang is Kerry. We can guarantee the sale of their home so they can move into that new home without the worry of of selling ours, because we will have it sold the day they move in. So thank you for taking time to listen to us today. This is Rick Kendrick, with your home sold, guaranteed realty serving the southeast Florida coast. Our network extends across Canada and the United States. Give me a call or text me at 561-901-3333. That’s 561-901-3333 or rickhasthebuyerscom. Hey, kerry, thanks for the updated information on the market facts. We look forward to meet. Seeing you again. Tune in every Sunday at 10 am at 8 50 WFTL News Talk radio.

Dave Sturgeon: 26:36

You’ve been listening to the your home sold guaranteed radio show with broker owner Rick Kendrick, heard every Sunday morning here on News Talk, 850 WFTL. Rick’s company name is his promise your home sold guaranteed realty. To speak directly to Rick about buying or selling your home, call now to schedule an appointment 561-901-3333, or visit RickHasTheBuyerscom and mark your calendar to join Rick again next week at this same time for the your home sold guaranteed radio show here on News Talk, 850 WFTL.

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