January 16, 2023

How likely is it that your home will actually get sold by the agent you chose to sell it?

Most people simply assume that when they list their home, it will be sold, especially in good economic times and hot markets.

Well, you can also buy a lottery ticket.

Why do I say that?

Because actually the odds of most agents getting your home sold are not very good, not as bad as the lottery, but still a gamble. Over the past year, our team sold a higher percentage of the homes listed with us than the average agent did.

When your home is listed with us, it will more likely sell than if you list it with anyone else.

Obviously selling your home does not have to be a crapshoot. You can gamble on an agent with a low batting average or one who doesn’t disclose his or her batting average in writing.

Maybe with your home, he or she will do better or you can rely on our industry leading success ratio.

There’s no need to gamble.

Our team will get your home sold for top dollar in your timeframe.

So, if you’re serious about getting the most amount of money from your home sale, put our home selling team to work for you.

Contact us today and start packing.

About the author 

Rick Kendrick

Rick Kendrick, a Palm Beach Realtor, is the proud owner of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty of Florida. With an exceptional track record, Rick has earned the distinction of being an award-winning real estate agent, placing him among the top one percent of agents in the industry. Headquartered in North Palm Beach, Florida, Rick leads his own Real Estate Team, covering the Southeastern region of Florida, while also maintaining a vast network of agents throughout North America.

Rick's outstanding achievements have not only impressed his clients but have also captured the attention and admiration of prominent media outlets and celebrities alike. Renowned platforms such as Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC have featured Rick, showcasing his expertise to audiences far and wide. His real estate acumen and remarkable success stories have also been shared on popular radio stations, including 850 WFTL News Talk and Sunny 107.9 FM. Listeners are captivated by Rick's wealth of knowledge and his unwavering passion for the industry.

In addition to his accomplishments as a real estate agent, Rick Kendrick is also the charismatic host of a captivating Real Estate Talk Show. Every week, Rick invites esteemed guest co-hosts to join him, creating a dynamic and insightful experience for his audience. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Rick engages in thought-provoking discussions with his guests, sharing valuable insights, trends, and tips related to the real estate market. The talk show serves as an educational platform, not only for viewers seeking knowledge but also as a stage for industry professionals to share their experiences and expertise. Anyone interested in the world of real estate would find Rick's talk show to be a must-watch, as it offers a unique opportunity to learn and stay informed.

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