June 6

The Dangers of Overpricing Your Home


One of the most frustrating issues for home sellers is their home not selling.

Let’s take a look at the dangers of overpricing your home.

Buyers will typically set a maximum price range when looking for a home.

If your home’s value in price was within that range, the buyers would obviously see it and you have a chance of selling it to them.

When you price it above this range, the right buyers don’t see it and your home is basically invisible to the people who can afford it.

When a house is first put on the market, the best offers on a home for sale typically occur in this early period.

So, it’s important to have your home priced correctly right away.

Successive price reductions hurt the saleability of the home.

Homeowners mistakenly believe that they should try to market their home at a higher price initially, thinking they could always come down.

When the home doesn’t sell, they continue to lower the price until finally it reaches market value.

You would think at this point the house would sell, but by now the buyers are asking, how long has this house been on the market?

When they find out that its been on too long, they fear something is wrong with it and wonder if the sellers are at their bottom price yet.

At some point, the home sells, but far less than market value.

What do you think would have happened if your home had been priced in condition correctly right from the start?

A realtor trained in cutting edge marketing, that uses the internet and hotlines to attract qualified ready to act buyers, that has consumer programs that make the home search easier and more fun for both you, the seller and the buyer, who has a proven track record to sell homes fast and for top dollar, is your best choice for selling your home.

Your realtor is here to help you and remember it’s a team effort.

Thank you and I wish you success in the sale of your home.


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