April 21

Spot 008 Listen in on Another Success Story

You’re thinking about selling your home and you think is it really the right time?

Well let me give you a hint, why don’t you talk to my friend Rick Kendrick!

His company Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty of Florida should be the first hit!

Your Home Sold Guaranteed!

Let’s be honest, there’s thousands of real estate agents here in South Florida.

So you want somebody who has a proven record 13 years of Excellence.

That’s what Rick Kendrick is all about.

Mike and Sandy, they’re lifetime customers.

They’ve hired Rick no less than five times over the past Dozen Years.

And after their last purchase they discovered that condo living with all the rules really wasn’t for them so they called Rick.

They let him know they needed to get out of the condo and to find a home where they’d have the freedom to live by their own rules.

Very quickly Rick got them a cash offer for their condo! No inspection. No appraisal. No hassles.

Then Rick found Mike and Sandy their dream home in Port St Lucie with their own pool and guess what no HOA fees!

So if you’re trying to sell your house call my friend Rick Kendrick 561-901-333 or visit RickHasTheBuyers.com


Jennifer Ross, Rick Kendrick

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