April 9

Spot 002 Jennifer Ross Interviews Rick Kendrick

Trying to sell your home?

You want top dollar for it right?

You need to call my friend Rick Kendrick. He's the founder of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty of Florida.

Hi it's Jennifer.

For 13 years Rick has created success for more than 400 Florida families.

He tells me on the average they're netting home sellers five percent more than the average agent. So on a $400,000 home that's an extra $20,000 in your pocket.

And while the average home sits on the market for over 40 days, actually it only takes us between three to four weeks once we list it, to get it under contract.

And then it gets even better because Rick guarantees to sell your home at a price and a timeline that you agree on or he'll buy it himself for cash.

We both agree upon the price and the timetable that you want to sell for and we'll buy it if we don't sell it!

And then he provides that guarantee in writing.

Call Rick Kendrick right now 561-901-3333 that's 561-901-3333 or visit RickHasTheBuyers.com


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