May 24

See More Properties and Save Time with Our Tour of Homes

Open houses are places real estate agents go to for a few hours every weekend, but buyers don’t.

Statistically only 1% of homes are actually sold through a traditional open house.

Realtors do it to pacify you the home seller, so you think your agent is doing something to sell your home.

Also, real estate agents conduct open houses to attract buyers who have homes to sell, to get listings and to meet buyers who are in the market to purchase a home and not necessarily yours.

All this happens while you’re kicked out of your house for an entire afternoon and on your weekend, no less.

You want to hire a realtor who conducts a tour of homes.

On the tour all the buyers are brought to a home for only a specific short period of time.

A lot of buyers at the house at the same time creates competition or what I like to call the auction effect.

Driving up the desirability and ultimately the sales price for this home, a home just like yours.

All the best in the selling of your home.

Click this link (or image above) to watch the video and start packing!


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