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How to Sell Your Home


If you want to sell your home fast, for top dollar and with the least amount of hassle, the single most important decision you will make is the agent you choose to handle the sale

There is a Tremendous difference between Real Estate Agents and the results they get for their clients.

Even agents from the same brokerage have different approaches.

Some are top producers with a great track record, while others within the same company are just getting started and may lack the advertising budget and experience required to get you the highest price for your home.

Rick Kendrick Receive Multiple Cash offers on your home

So you are really hiring the agent not the brokerage. So not all agents are equally qualified to market your home to find that one special buyer who will pay more for your home than any other buyer.

While It is true that all agents have a real estate License, it is also true that NOT all agents are marketing experts.

We have pioneered unique and exclusive consumer programs not offered by any other agent.

Our innovative team approach provides you superior service while our leading edge technology and specialized knowledge gets you the best results.

Before you select an agent, let’s look at some of the common mistakes.

One mistake is to just go with an agent you know versus the agent who is the most qualified to get you the highest price.

Another common mistake is to go with the agent who tells you the highest price or the lowest commission.

You should choose your agent based on who has the best marketing plan to attract the right buyers so you can sell your home for the highest price possible and net the most amount of money in your pocket after all expenses.

One of the most common complaints amongst home sellers is lack of communication with their agent, we set ourselves apart from other agents by providing our clients with an upfront written communication and satisfaction guarantee.

We can’t just sound good today to get your business, we must do a good job everyday to keep your business.

Rick Kendrick Home Seller Guaranteed Sale Program

With us you’re never locked into a lengthy contract.

Getting you the highest price for your home is our priority. While Price is a function of supply and demand there are certain types of buyers who would pay more for your home than other buyers because your home “checks off more of the boxes” We use specific target marketing to find those best buyers for your home.

For example school zones would be more important to families with school age kids where a wine cellar may not be as valuable to a buyer who doesn’t drink wine.

Everything must be done to find the that one perfect buyer who will pay the

highest price versus just settling for a lower price from a buyer that is not the perfect match for your home.

If you have a four or five bedroom home, it will most likely be purchased by a family with several children. A main floor office is perfect for someone who works from home.

After viewing your home we will have a good idea of the type of buyer who would pay a premium for your home. So the first step is a brief “over the phone” consultation where you can tell us a bit more about your home and your moving plans.

If you decide to proceed, the next step is we would view your home and provide you with our recommended asking price. We can then go over a net sheet with you to calculate how much money you would net in your pocket after all associated expenses.

You can call or text us at the number below and book Your Free no obligation over the phone consultation. This is an informational call, not a sales call.

I think you will find this conversation extremely helpful as you map out your moving plans, why not reach out to us right now while watching this video to get started.

With our large “Buyers-in-waiting Database” We may already have a buyer for your home so you can get a quick sale for top dollar. These are Buyers who have given us their criteria and who would pay a premium for the right home. You can call us today to see if one of our buyers is a perfect match for your home.

Importantly, if you are buying another home, before you make the final decision to put your home on the market, you’ll most likely want to see what homes are available that match your home buying criteria.

We can get you priority access to the best homes, including distress sales, bank foreclosures, new construction homes and unlisted and off market homes, these are homes that are not publicly available. 

In fact some of the best homes sell before they are available on the open market.

Our VIP Home Finder Service can be set up with a quick 5 minute over the phone conversation.

Happy Home Purchase Guarantee

We simply enter your home buying criteria into our buyer profiling database and send you daily updates of homes that are a perfect match.

This is a free service, to get started you can call or text us at the number here on the screen.

So whether you’re buying, selling, or both we can help you get the best results and make it a smooth transaction.

The sale or purchase of a home is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make, let’s get you started now with a free quick over the phone home consultation, call or text 561-508-8453 the number on screen now and we will speak to you soon, thank you for watching this video.

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