April 14

Spot 005 Listen in as Jennifer Endorses Rick Kendrick

You’re thinking about selling your home?

Well you want to do it in the quickest time for the best price, right?

Hi it’s Jennifer!

This is why you need to talk to my friend Rick Kendrick from Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty of Florida.

Rick is so confident in his Marketing System to attract the right buyer for your home that he guarantees to sell your home at a price and a timeline that you agree to or he’ll buy it for cash!

Or maybe you’re going to find yourself in a situation where a beloved family member has passed away unexpectedly and you need help navigating that estate process.

You need to call Rick right away.

Rick and his probate team specialize in guiding you and your family step by step to ensure that the right decisions are made in a calm respectful manner.

Just ask Jeff.

He needed to sell his mom’s condo after she passed.

Rick was able to sell the condo quickly at full value while managing all the legal issues and distribution of assets to The Heirs of the estate.

Schedule an appointment today with Rick.

You’re going to love him!

561-901-3333 or go to RickHasTheBuyers.com


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